This week I have spent a bit more time on crafts, which I am quite happy about.

I finished and sent a couple of knitted blankets for premies:


I have sewn the sleeves, back and front of a cardigan I am knitting in size 2 years for a friend’s baby. The pattern is Neptune cardigan by Purl Alpaca Designs. I still have to add the border.



I am also making my first attempt at lace knitting. The pattern is for a shawl designed by Anniken Allis from the Let’s Knit magazine, number 121 August 2017. The yarn was free with the magazine. It seemed like the best way to give it a try before attempting to knit other patterns with yarn that may be expensive!


This week I also worked on a cross-stitch project for my Dad. We made a cruise on the Nile a few years ago and this looked like a perfect present to remember the sites we visited. I bought this kit by Classic Embroidery at the Knitting and Stitching Show in London earlier this year.

On a side note, a few weeks ago I decorated an envelope for a friend recovering after surgery and I was quite happy with the result as I am absolutely rubbish at drawing! I know it is very basic, but I can only do so much unless I start spending time practicing!

DSC06250 (2)

I also received some items that I ordered from Etsy, in beautiful packages!

I had been keeping an eye on this gorgeous bag for a while and decided it was time for it to come to me. The order comprised the bag, the skein of gorgeous and soft yarn and a birdhouse stitch marker but Debbie also sent some goodies: tea, sweets and a heart stitch marker! The yarn is a fingering blend of 70% baby alpaca, 20% silk, 10% cashmere, colourway Mustard. I do not know yet what I will knit with it but I look forward to it! You can find Debbie’s Etsy shop here.


I also had my eyes on these bags, I love the fabric and ended up thinking I had left it far too long already! The picture really doesn’t do them justice, they are so so so gorgeous! I will confess I still have my eye on one other bag, but I already received quite a few (and expect some more) so I will wait a bit longer and see if it is still available in a little while! Here is the link to homebirdmake’s Etsy shop.


And the last package received included two bags ordered as well as a notion bag and an owl knitting stitch marker as goodies! People are just so generous! And everything is just gorgeous! The link to RachelGreencrafts’s Etsy shop is here.


That’s it for my crafty updates!


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