New acquisitions

The last couple of weeks were very much up and down and I have made a few steps back with handling my depression, but despite the drama that went with it, I did face up to things and dealt with the issues at hand, so I guess it is progress in a way.

My crafting and reading suffered a bit from all this, but I still have some progress and some acquisitions to report.

I started reading The Shadow Hour by Kate Riordan on 23rd July and have sadly only read 170 pages so far, but when I do read it, I am quite enjoying it. I “just” need to give reading more time…

Last weekend I worked on the Neptune cardigan and sewed the border. We could not venture very far as many roads were blocked in the area because of the Prudential 100k ride race so I went to Polesden Lacey, a National Trust estate. The weather was gorgeous and it was an absolute delight to “work” on the cardigan with this amazing view in the background:


I still have to add the buttons, but I am worried my border seam may be a bit too wide. I wanted to “hide” the side stitches as I did not find them as “clean” as I would have liked them, but now I fear the seam has grown too big. I will try to flatten it a bit and see if it will be ok this way.

The other item I worked on is a sock. I had already knitted the first about 18 months ago, but never got the second one done. I am not sure that my tension is quite the same so I may have to frog the first one and redo it once I have finished this one. I had to frog and reknit the heel a few times as I was looking at the wrong instructions… Oh dear… 🙂  The pattern for these socks is the Knitmore Vanilla Sock by Jasmin Canty, and is free on Ravelry. As I have big feet, I cast on 80 stitches (ouch) and am using the rounder heel from the Socknitters. The yarn is Crazy Zauberball 2254_ Cloud No. 8 75% Virgin Wool, 25% Nylon.


As mentioned, I did get some new items that I am really looking forward to putting to good use:

A knitting bag with a matching little case from Krisscraft on Etsy:


From Purlescence, I bought The Scrumptious collection volume 2 as I fell in love with the Lyde beret. I also bought some ChiaoGoo RED Lace needles, which I had heard about on the Revelations of a Delusional Knitter podcast and thought I would give them a try. I started watching this video podcast a few weeks ago and absolutely love it! Angela is very engaging and talks about spinning, knitting, books and patterns found on Ravelry.

And I obviously bought some Scrumptious yarn to make the above beret. I cannot get the right colour on the picture, but the colourway is Olive and is the one that was used for the beret:


I also got some more yarn, this time from Abstract Cat Crafts on Folksy. All three skeins are a 70% baby alpaca/30% silk mix and from left to right: 100g/800m lace in the Orange Sorbet colourway; 100g/400m 4-ply in the Lime Fizz colourway and 100g/800m lace in the Bell Heather colourway. Absolutely gorgeous and so soft!


I also got myself this cross-stitch kit (because I don’t have enough to do already). I had a gift voucher on Amazon and as much as I dislike Amazon and the way it is taking over the world, a voucher has to be used!  🙂  I do love coffee, so this will be a perfect statement to have in my flat!


And the last thing I received (at last!) is a couple of bread bakers from LittleWrenPottery on Etsy. They are gorgeous and will go very well with the canister and yarn bowl that I had already bought from her. Even if the yarn bowl is not normally in the kitchen  🙂  I cannot wait to use them! I think some bread will have to be baked this afternoon!



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