Apologia – Trafalgar Studios – London

Apologia is currently running at the Trafalgar Studios in London from 29th July to 18th November 2017.

A play by Alexi Kaye Campbell, with Stockard Channing, Freema Agyeman, Desmond Barrit, Laura Carmichael  and Joseph Millson, directed by Jamie Lloyd.

From the Trafalgar Studios website:

Kristin Miller is a firebrand matriarch and eminent art historian. A birthday gathering should be a cause for celebration but the cracks in her family relationships are brought to the surface by the recent publication of her memoir. As the evening progresses questions are asked about the sacrifices she has made and about the price paid by those she loves.

Apologia is a witty, topical and passionate play about generations, secrets, and warring perspectives.

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I booked a ticket for this play early this week when I received a theatre email advertising it. I had seen Stockard Channing in The Good Wife and other roles and always wondered where I had seen her before and thankfully the email mentioned that she was Rizzo in Grease, which finally gave an answer to my long-lasting question!

I cannot praise this play or this cast enough. I absolutely LOVED it. The play itself is fantastic and the performances were incredible all around. I went from laughter to tension to laughter to feeling on the edge, to relief when the interval came up, back to laughter and a tear in the last minute. The second act was certainly less tense than the first one, but I don’t think I could have taken any more of it!

I cannot really say more about the story than the above synopsis without revealing too much. I thought it was very well written, entertaining and gripping.

I heard someone behind me say during the interval that the American accent by Laura Carmichael was not quite right, but I personally didn’t pay attention to that. She is supposed to be American, I didn’t question anything else. As English isn’t my native language, I am not overly annoyed by this as I am just happy to understand! 🙂  I may be exaggerating a bit as I am fluent and there are some accents that I can now recognise, but definitely not all of them! One of my favourite accents though is that of David Tennant on TV. He seems to tone it down when on stage, certainly in Don Juan de Soho that I saw a few months ago (twice!) where he was incredible in a role that took me by surprise.

Anyway, as mentioned above, I thought the cast was great. Stockard Channing has an amazing presence on stage, she was most definitely the strong character. Joseph Millson was fantastic as Peter/Simon, both with very different traits and attitudes. There is no better way to assess an actor’s abilities than when seeing him perform two roles in the same play! Freema Agyeman and Laura Carmichael were also very good as well as Desmond Barrit, with a role that was a bit in the background but whose interventions were like gold.

I would most definitely recommend it to anyone!



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